What is this?

My name is Tom Hartung and this is my very first web site.

For something newer, see my joomla! blog at tomhartung.com, and for something completely different see my masterpiece at groja.com.

Come on in!

This started as a place to put my resume, but has turned into a bit more than that. What can I say? Sometimes I start something, and wind up getting carried away. It's my nature.

As it turns out, building this site was an important training exercise, particularly with regard to learning about Cascading Style Sheets, and I do not intend to take it down anytime soon.

What's with that image in the corner?

The abstract images in the upper left corner of each page on this site are Spiritual Portraits (aka. GROJAs). You can learn all about GROJAs at the groja.com website. (GROJA© is an acronym for Graphical Representation of Jungian Archetypes.)

The groja.com site is now implemented using joomla! (a Content Management System).

I love quotes!

And this one is especially near and dear to my heart:

"When we view the tragic events of war, pessimism overtakes us and makes it difficult to think of culture. The effect of actual events weakens our confidence in the progress of life. Where is to be found, despite this, a true optimism concerning humanity's future?
"If we are able to understand the culture of plastic art as a continuous growth toward the full utilization of its freedom to express pure life, then one way to optimism is open to humanity. The culture of art reveals to us that life is a continual growth, an irresistable progress. In spite of all, human culture must manifest what the culture of art demonstrates: continual progress. But subjective factors prevent this from being seen. It is seen only as continual change."

From Liberation from Oppression in Art and Life,
By Piet Mondrian, 1939-40.

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