tomh's family

Meet my family!

I'm still single, never married. Rats! I knew I forgot to do something!

Well, don't be surprised if maybe someday I finally hook up with someone. And then again, what's so easy for most to do is incredibly difficult for me, so don't be surprised if I don't. As an idealist and someone totally into harmonious relationships, I want to find the perfect woman, with a minumum of grief for all parties involved. That's eaiser said than done, and ofttimes it seems to be not worth the trouble.

Immediate family

My father's name is Homer and he lives in Urbanna, Virginia with my step-mom Ginny. He has a PhD in Chemistry and is a retired research chemist.

My Mom passed away on December 11th, 2000. Her name was Carol Jeanne Schnakenberg; most people called her "Jeanne." After she and my Dad divorced she married Juergen Schnackenberg. She had a Masters Degree and taught Psychiatric Nursing for many years at St. Mary's Hospital and Memorial Hospital in Richmond, VA.

My sister Marti lives in Richmond, Virginia. She uses a QY-100 Yamaha Sequencer with a built-in rhythm machine, a Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Stratocaster, and a Fostex V-16-track recorder to compose and record her own music. She even burns her own CDs on two home units, one is a Phillips and the other is a Pioneer.

My brother Matt and his wife Amy live in Palmyra, Virginia, which is a little east of Charlottesville. They work in Charlottesville and have two children: Ethan and Libbey.

Aunts, uncles, and cousins

My father is the oldest of three brothers. Uncle Richard is the middle one and Uncle Victor is the youngest.

Cousin Lin is Uncle Richard and Aunt Mary's daughter. She is married to Henry Chambers and the Chambers Family Website has lots of pictures.

Cousins David and Richard are Uncle Victor and Aunt Lin's sons. David is married to LeighAnn and they have four daughters and two grandchildren. The daughter's names are Shahann Lynn Hartung, April Ann Hartung, Katherine Elizabeth Hartung Clinkenbeard, and Dawn Michell Hartung. The grandchildren are named Autumn Renee Elizabeth Earle (Shahanna's daughter) and Zackery Tyler Clinkenbeard.

Cousin Richard owns the Time Out Sports Cafe, a sports bar in Jackson, Mississippi. The website's Scrapbook has lots and lots of pictures. It looks like they have some real good times at his place. If you're in town please drop on by there and tell him tomh sent ya!

Hopefully I'll be able to update this section soon with names and information about some other Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins....

tomh's online family album

Welcome to my online family photo album. If you think you can click on an image and see the full size version in a separate window, maybe you have ESP or something!

Here's a recent shot of my Dad and Ginny up in the mountains.
When you live in Urbanna, I guess being 4683 feet above sea level means something. (Sorry, but it certainly does not impress someone like me, who lives in Denver.)
This is a studio shot of my sister Marti.
Here's a picture of, from left to right, Libbey, Amy, Ethan, and Matt.
Here's a more recent shot of Marti, taken with her new digital camera.
Here we have Amy and Libbey,
and here we have Matt and Ethan,
and here another shot of Marti.
Here is a photo of my Dad (on the left) with his brother Victor.

My step mom Ginny had two daughters from a marriage before she met my Dad. Donna is her oldest daughter.

This picture is of Donna and her family, Taylor, Madison, and her husband Rob.

Here is my Dad and Ginny with Ginny's grandchild Gigi.

This is Ginger, Ginny's youngest daughter and mother of Gigi, with her son Jack.

Ginger's husband's name is Paul, and last time I visited them he was the proud owner of a Camaro (I can relate to that!). Maybe he'll send me a picture of himself (and his car?!?) soon.