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Moreover, as the page states:

Looking for approval for my non-corn-pone opinions from anyone other than myself would make them corn-pone opinions!

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#6: 40 Is Not Old, 60 Is Not Old, 80 Is Getting up There, 100 Is Old

Surely at least some of the money we pay for health insurance is going to research ways for us to live longer, right?

I know from watching the biographical films by Ken Burns about Mark Twain and Frank Lloyd Wright that they did some of their best work after 60. I plan to do likewise!

Personal Details

Both of my grandfathers lived into their 60s. My father is still alive at 92.

I'm shooting for 120!

Like Sam Malone on Cheers: I refuse to accept it!

#5: Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson Were Both Awesome

The Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were different in many ways.

Coming to admire one of them, then learning how he struggled to deal with the other, can lead to disliking the other one.

It's Both AH AND TJ

#4: Denver Startup Week Is My Christmas Holiday

As my personality profiles indicate, I ride the borderline between Carl Jung's Thinking and Feeling opposites. So I can be technical and creative, but the business side of things is my weak spot.

Since Denver Startup Week is all about the business — and it's huge and totally free — it's like Christmas to me!


I first learned about Denver Startup Week in 2015, at a GDG Denver meetup.

Since then I have been to — and volunteered at — each and every one. You might say volunteering is my way of giving back to the generous organizers!

#3: Focus and Craftmanship Are Not Obsolete Skills

In the book Deep Work, Cal Newport describes what deep work is and how to do more of it.

Without a bit of self-discipline, being connected to everyone on the planet can be a huge, nerve-wracking, total waste of time. Learn how to create real value so you don't get tossed out by today's throw-away culture.

Learn About Deep Work

#2: Dear Facebook: You're Not the Boss of Me!

Have you ever noticed how manipulative Facebook is? Maybe it's just me, but I think the site constantly all Do this and Do that.

I never do what it says, but FB is incapable of learning that cajoling me into wasting undue amounts of time on their site is futile.

Don't let social networks rule your life!

#1: It's Often Better to Vote for Third-Party Candidates

Sometimes it's best to vote for a third party candidate. I was a Libertarian from 1980-2000, then a Green from 2000-2010.

Now I am unaffiliated. Bah, humbug!

Third parties can help introduce new ideas and perspectives into the mix, and maybe someday those fat-cats will learn some humility.

It's better to decide than to swarm!