Favorite Movie So Far This Year

Favorite Movie So Far This Year

Submitted by Tom H on Sat, 06/07/2014 - 12:16

Recently I saw Under the Skin at the Sie Film Center.

I really enjoyed this movie! I caught most of it after tearing tickets during one of my fourth Friday shifts. When I asked a couple of Film Center regulars whether they had seen it, they said that yes, they had seen it four times so far, and were planning to see it again! As you might imagine, this piqued my interest.

The partial viewing was definitely enough to make me want to return and see the whole thing. Throughout the initial viewing, I kept thinking of Eraserhead, one of David Lynch's early films. I feel that although the two movies are not very similar thematically, there are definitely some parallels in the style. Both have very unique soundtracks, portray very unusual circumstances, and feature seemingly random closeups that sometimes make you go wtf?!?

I actually liked this movie so much that I finally created an account at imdb.com, just so that I could give it 10 stars!


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