Over time I have had rather eclectic tastes in music. I actually played trumpet in High School, and years later played bass in a Bluegrass Band! I still have a lot of vinyl in my "albumtross;" it's mostly punk rock and hippie music. Since those days I have enjoyed a lot of jazz and hip-hop; yo man Miles and Snoop are a coupla faves! Lately though ... well, you can read about that for yourself.

My Favorite Band of All Time

Submitted by Tom H on Thu, 02/20/2014 - 13:53

My favorite band of all time is the Grateful Dead.

Why do I feel like I need to apologize for this? Perhaps because Al Lewis has written that some employers discriminate against Dead Heads. So shhhh - let's keep this just between you and me.

This has been true off and on for over 40 years. I have had many side trips, off into Punk Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, and even some Latin music. In fact, i would say the runners- up are Miles Davis, The Cure, and Snoop Doggy Dog.

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