Film Noir Class 3: Gun Crazy

Film Noir Class 3: Gun Crazy

Submitted by Tom H on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 11:35

In the third Film Noir Class at the Sie Film Center we saw Gun Crazy, directed by Joseph H. Lewis in 1950, and starring Peggy Cummings and John Dahl as Annie and Bart, a couple who is crazy about guns - and each other.

Initially released as Deadly is the Female, Gun Crazy is a B-Movie. If you don't know what B-movies are, there is plenty of information about them online.

The teacher told us this movie is famous for its "long take," which puts the viewer in the back seat of a car while Bart ... well, you know ... I don't want to spoil it! (If you want to spoil it yourself, go ahead and click the link.)

It is also interesting to know that in the opening scene we see Bart as a teenager being played by Russ Tamblyn, who also appeared in West Side Story and Twin Peaks.

Along with Scarlet Street, this was another film I had read about but not yet seen.

It will certainly be sad to see this class end!


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